Windows Phone 10 More Close To it's Final Version

The windows 10 pics we are posting are created by designer ‪#‎James_Bartlett‬
His concept is under review..there maybe change in final version. So wait for it. These pics are more close to final version.

As said by him "The concept of backgrounds behind tiles came in Windows Phone 8.1 and now it has evolved into a full screen image, an edge to edge one with wireframe tiles above it. Groups have been borrowed from Windows 8.1, allowing the user extra customization when they arrange start screens. Icons have been made thinner and lighter in the new OS, but you can also opt for a black or white layout with semi opacity applied.
Live Tiles:

Live tiles become interactive in Windows 10 for mobile, so if you swipe from the left to the right over any tile, you’ll discover its controls.

The music tile for example comes with playback controls, while the messaging tile has a New button and a message serach button. Notifications have received a Quick Reply feature, while the Action Center settings have become scrollable. Notifications will show up to 3 lines of text and can be expanded with one tap.

Music & Xbox Music:
The Xbox Music app gets a consistent design across all Microsoft platforms, so it feels like the one on desktop and the Xbox consoles.

Cortana gets two new features in Windows 10: image of the day and Bing Vision.

The settings problem in Windows Phone has also been fixed, with a dedicated app, that groups settings by functionality and a search bar to find them more easily.

Stay Turned, We'll post more When we get more concept's.

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