Seven Free Wallpapers, Designed Just for Lumia.

Here is a compilation of seven of the most awesome wallpapers found on the net. And somehow they manage to fit the quirky personality of a Lumia user :-)

And, they are free. Happy downloading..
[Psst: I re sized some of them to fit our screens]

[To download click on the picture to get the full sized image and then save it by right clicking > save as.]

1. Oh..Tasty and colorful.

2.Just try it out. I blurred it for the cool effect of adding depth to your start screens..

3. Blurry lights..Over all a nice wallpaper.

4.And these next two wallpapers are directly from Google. And man are they awesome.

5. And this is my personal favorite.

 6. This sure brings out the live tiles out.

[PS: If there are any problems with these downloads. Please leave a comment here.]

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