Age of Empires : Castle Siege Updated On Windows As Well As Windows Phone.

Age of Empires : Castle Siege got a update.

The well known Xbox game Age of Empires : Castle Siege got a update on 28-Jan-2015.This is a strategy + simulation based game.It has several civilizations including Briton and Kievan Rus.Take command of your army upgrade your keep and wall and earn achievements and climb up at the top of the leader boards.

Here is the new things in the update.

Defending units have done emergency exit drills and will now have less trouble finding and exiting through gates.
Range units will no longer waste time shuffling their feet when switching targets at the edge of their range.
Siege unit wheels will not continue to roll when they are halted while receiving orders.
Deploying squads rapidly will no longer result in some units becoming paralyzed.
John Kourkouas's Terrorize ability won't cause crazed units to run directly through walls.


- Fixed various issues related to the delivery of notifications.
- Fixed a crash that occurred if the player lost connection while visiting a castle.
- Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when player lost connection while receiving alliance  messages.
- Fixed connection error that occurred when a road piece was dragged on top of a wall piece.
- Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred if the player suspended the phone app.


- Fixed an issue with scrolling the unit list on battle logs using the mouse wheel.
- Tapping a trap under a road will select the trap, not the road.
- Changed the way the "you are under attack" timer is calculated to be less confusing.  Players        shouldn't see it count down to zero and then reset as often as before.
- Fixed an issue where tapping a text box while on the idle screen would cause the on screen  keyboard to pop up repeatedly.


- Fixed incorrect visual order of cannons on top of cannon towers.
- Removed extra "=" being added to alliance messages when playing in Spanish.
- Fixed an issue where the guardhouse appeared available for purchase in Age 1 even though it could  not be purchased.

To download the game from store, Click here.

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