Flagship Lumia 1030 Almost Out

 Did You Forget It? 

The much-leaked Godphone of last year the Lumia 1030 codenamed McLaren is finally almost out. Leaks like those were real and can't just be cancelled and was really meant to be out. Now it's coming very soon. Although it's really a flagship phone and probably going to be the best Lumia when it's out, the Xenon flash is gone and the 2GB of RAM is still the there as in its predecessor the Lumia 1020. Also the Lumia 1030 may have an unbeatable 50MP camera, but its 2MP front camera may also be in question. Maybe not so much as a Godphone as I dubbed it or as it would be. That title might be reserved for a not-in-the-distant future Lumia 1530.
     The main features that might make this sell like pancakes, and probably would get the title as the best phone so far are its perfect size of 5" with 1080p screen, Corning Glass 4 and of course, the very first Lumia and Windows phone to run Windows 10. And the addition of a microsd slot that was surely lacking in the Lumia 1020 is totally welcome here. And of course the already expected quad core CPU for a flagship.
      This is it, it's gonna be out soon, though some specs like phone dimensions are not yet available so is the battery capacity. Pricing of course will never be known until it's announced or released for availability but expect it to be as high as when the Lumia 1020 was released in the market.
     So do you think the specs would make Lumia owners upgrade to this and Android and iphone users would finally switch to Windows phone with a phone like this? With Windows 10 pre-loaded on it, I surely would.

Here are some screenshots:


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