How To Activate Cortana [beta] In Windows Phone 8.1


Getting started with Cortana

Cortana is your personal assistant on your Windows Phone, ready to help you with all kinds of tasks and keep you up to date with the things that interest you.
Before you can get all the goodies Cortana has to offer, you'll need to make sure she's switched on, and learn where to find her. If you like, you can help her get to know you a little better, too.

Is Cortana on?

You may have turned on Cortana when you set up your phone. If you did, you'll see her when you press the Search Search icon button.
If you press the Search Search icon button and see the Bing image of the day, that means Cortana isn't on. To turn on Cortana, in the App list, tap Settings Settings Tile, swipe over to Applications, tap Cortana, then turn on Cortana Toggle On icon.
If you turn on Cortana, for her to work for you, Microsoft collects and uses your location, contacts, voice input, info from email and text messages, browser history, search history, calendar details and other info.


Cortana is only available on phones with Windows Phone 8.1, and in some countries/regions.

How to Activate Cortana?

Step1: Go to settings>Language> (+)add Language. And select English (united states)
like this:

Note: After language Get selected like upper Screen reboot your Device & go for step2.

Step2: After Complete 1St step & done with reboot go to Settings> region> in Country/Region section select United States
& in Regional Format keep "match phone language"
Like this:

Note: After setting up region part like upper Screen reboot your Device & go for step3. 

Important Part Step3: In this step you have to download speech Language So you need A 3G or a WiFi connection
Step3:After Complete Region part & done with Reboot Go to Settings> Speech> Speech language & click on English (United states) to download the Speech Language.

Note: After Download Complete It will install. Install will take some time so be Patient

After download Before install it will show like this just Click Install & Wait few Minutes:

Once the update(Speech Language) is installed then your settings should be like this or similar like my

As shown in Above screen if your settings match like that. Then your Cortana is Activated.

You can get to Cortana in three ways:

•Press the Search Search button – you'll see Cortana greet you. Swipe up to see your interests, or tap the microphone icon to speak to her.
•Tap the Cortana Tile on the Start screen – this takes you straight to the interests Cortana has ready for you.
•Press and hold the Search Search button – Cortana will begin listening no matter what you're doing on your phone, even while the phone is locked.

Introduce yourself to Cortana

To set up Cortana for the first time, you can either tap the Tile on the Start screen or press the Search Search icon button. She'll ask if you mind answering a few questions – this will help her understand what's important to you and what information she should bring to your attention. You can also tell her what name you want her to call you, and make sure she pronounces it correctly. Cortana sends speech data to Microsoft to improve personalised speech and speech recognition. You don't have to use a name for Cortana to work, but if you do, you can use any name you want.
If you prefer not to answer, it's perfectly fine to skip. You can just tell Cortana what you'd like her to know as you go.

Enjoy the Cortana in your Windows Phone 8.1 :-)

Don't know what to ask Cortana..??Here are some Question ready to ask cortana. Commands For CORTANA

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