First look of Internet Explorer Edge or Spartan Browser for Windows Phone

First Look - Spartan For Phone

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The Spartan Browser or more accurately understood as 'Project Spartan is a next-generation web browser for Windows 10. Its main features include being a Store app for dynamic updates, using the older IE11 rendering engine for legacy websites, Cortana integration, and the ability to annotate right on the web page for document sharing
However, Spartan is not the final name, just the internal codename that Microsoft is currently using for the project. The question is, what will Microsoft call the browser upon its final release?
A new report suggests a few names are being kicked around and we have the list.The information comes from a person who participated in an online survey from a company acting on behalf of Microsoft.
Although 'Spartan was not named specifically, it was referred to in the description including and the fact that it is a browser from Microsoft launching later this year. No doubt that the survey is referring to Project Spartan.

Potential names for Spartan browser being surveyed

• Entourage
• Elixa
• Evo
• Evex
• Endeavor
• Edge
Some of the names surveyed all have a common feature as they begin with the letter 'e.
Edge makes sense since it is the name of the new rendering engine found in Spartan. Even more interestingly,

Microsoft is considering pairing each of the suggested names with:

• Microsoft
• IE
• Internet Explorer
This list would create possible combinations such as 'IE Evex or 'Microsoft Elixa or 'Internet Explorer Edge'. Those possible combinations are interesting because, if accurate, it demonstrates that Microsoft is considering dropping IE or Internet Explorer from the new name. That is something that has been brought up before due the heavy baggage associated with the browser.
Of course, we do not know if these are the only names that Microsoft is considering, but it is worth pondering.

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