10 MUST HAVE apps on your Windows Phone !

Hello everyone. As 2015 has approached there are many useful apps published on the Microsoft app store that you must have .

1. UC browser with UC downloader:

Hey did you all know that UC has launched its own dedicated download manager also?
previously we the users faced many difficulties because the browser sometimes paused the download automatically or was not downloading when the browser was minimized so now forget it! With UC download manager you can even download your files in background without worrying about pausing or anything else!

2. #1 Toolkit :

Honestly speaking friends... there is no app more useful than this one! It is just a ALL IN ONE toolbox for many tasks. In this app there are many many useful things:
Ruler , Compass , Protractor , Level , Flashlight , Magnifier , Mirror , One Tap , Unit Convertor , Currencies Convertor , Noise Meter , Recorder , Timer , Stopwatch , World Clock , Speed Meter ... Now thats what we call as ALL IN ONE BOX ! Must download!

3. 7z-Zip-RAR:

This app is also very useful in extracting all types of archives and now you can even access password protected archives(Password is required).

4. Adobe Reader:

Adobe reader is very useful for opening PDF files on the go!

5. App Store Worldwide :

Now this one is very special app. As the name indicates you can download any app from any country just by changing your region from the app itself!
No need to change the region of your phone and then restart and all such things are not required ! Just select a country and download any app !

6. Cam Scanner :

This is very useful app for scanning the documents through the camera. You can quickly scan your documents on the go and then save it your phone or send anyone!

7. CCPlayer :

This is one of the best video players on the store.
This player can lay all sorts of video formats without any fuss!
It can even play mkv files which is really a great feature because the VLC beta is really very buggy and the video playback is also not a proper one. I hope Videolan does something of it !

8. Converge :

This app is basically all in one technolgy news spot !
Here you can read all the news from all the leading techno websites on one place!

9. Feem lite:

This app is really a great one because Feem is available for even pc and also other operating systems too. Just you need to be one the same wifi network and feem must be running on both the devices and you can share the files through the phone's wifi which is far more faster than bluetooth!

10. Gestures Beta :

This app is also a good concept by Microsoft . With this app you can control your phone just with gestures! features include:
1. Silence incoming calls when you place the phone down on a surface
2. Answer call automatically when you put it to your ear
3. Toggle speaker mode during a call when you place your phone on a surface with screen up
4. mute speaker by turning your phone upside down just like some of the samsung mobiles

And features may differ according to your mobile

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