All That Happened At Microsoft Event - A Summary Of Awesome Things - 1

 A Summary Of Awesome Things : Cortana & Hololens

Yesterday was a huge day. Full of excitement, and the future. From  Virtual Assistant to HOLOGRAMS Microsoft has it all, and boy were we hooked. So, without further ado lets revisit Yesterday.

Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade:

Rejoice, Pirates and Legits alike. Windows 10 will be free to all. No shelling out hard earned money, no installing cracks. IT IS FREE.

Microsoft will offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade. But not just to owners of Windows 8.1. No, instead, Microsoft's free upgrade path goes right back to Windows 7. So you'll be able to get to Windows 10 on your smartphone, tablet and PC without spending a penny.

Don't expect limited support, either. Microsoft has promised that you'll get updates for supported the lifetime of your device.

Cortana On PC:

Yep, You read it right. Now that polite virtual assistant will be on your pc. Felt jealous when your friend used to pull out his Lumia and the breathing orb replied. Worry no more. Cortana will now be integrated into your desktop.

It's absolutely official, she's coming, and she's bringing some desktop specific features like:
  • Searching files on local storage hard drives, OneDrive and OneDrive for business
  • Search through photos using dates and other filters ("Show me photos from December")
  • Everything is tuned for muscle memory
  • Cortana understands apps on the local device, as well as content in the Windows Store
  • Dictate to send emails, much like firing off SMS on Windows Phones

Cortana will sit right next to the start button for easy access and has the promise of being every bit as wonderful as we ever hoped for.


Freaking HOLOLENS. In a completely unexpected announcement yesterday, Microsoft managed to Announce HOLOLENS. Admit it, it sounds cool.

HOLOLENS, a headset running a holographic version of Windows 10. 

Yes, You heard it right. Holographic version of Windows. In case, you aren't getting it, think Iron Man type virtual thingies. Live feed from normal prescription spectacles. 3D printed working model from 3D drawings(models) drawn on thin air, walking on Mars..Easy Peasy... Yep it' s insane.

It's crazy powerful considering what it is and how much data it's processing at any one time, and truly opens up Windows 10 to a whole new dimension. It's supposed to launch "within the Windows 10 timeframe," whatever that really means, but we know one thing for sure. It'll let you walk on Mars and go inside your Minecraft creations. OK, not just that, but to say it looks phenomenal would be an understatement.

The future of computing is here.

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