Opera Mini To Go Unpublished On Windows Phone

Opera Mini Browser had been in beta since its release back in September. Over the next three months, the Opera Mini team released numerous updates to the app to improve the experience continually. The last update, however, was at the beginning of December. Now, the app is now longer published (Opera Mini)

On January 26, the Opera Twitter account did re-affirm their support for Windows Phone when responding to various customers, including:

" Hey. We are working on improving Opera Mini for Windows Phone. Stay tuned :)"

We should caution that neither company has publicly commented on the app removal, unlike Chase and Bank of  America. This leaves some room for publishing errors, plans for beta update status to full release or more. On the other hand, Windows Phone users have seen a rash of app removals lately, like  Urbanspoon, lending credence to the purposeful removal theory.
We will update this story as new information becomes available.

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