[Exclusive] Windows 10 May Run on Android Devices

Today on Twitter around 2:41 AM .. Gabriel Aul replied to a tweet from an android user, asking him that
Hello @GabeAul , Windows Phone 10 may be installed on Android devices ?
Gabriel replied to him that it can't be done ' Currently ' , Its a clear indication that in future maybe android devices can run windows 10.
Still no confirmation is received so far, as it is merely an indication, which may not be available.
Still we will looking forward to it, if this indication turns to reality, Although its a good news for android users who are willing to run Windows 10 on there android devices.
In my opinion, its a bad decision if it turns to reality, because as windows phone market is not good at all as compared to android market, if android devices can run Windows 10. Windows phone market will never grow as compared to android market.
Now, we are looking forward to it what Microsoft is going to do about this.
Stay with us, we will discuss more as soon we will get more news about this.
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