My experience with my hacked Lumia 820 on Win10 TP

So since I got a spare Lumia 820, and this is actually my favorite of all Lumias, the 1520 just comes in second to this. I got two 820s and decided with no hesitation as soon as I learned I can hack it with Win10 TP. But by the time I learned there was a hack for it, there were already two methods. So I just used the first one coz it was sure-fire, based on the comments. But the second 'Chinese' method was a lot easier as I soon found out.

       First method:

       Second method:

One thing I learned from having a Lumia 820, or even a 920, is that it will be always be the last Lumias to get updates. So there's no point for me to wait for Win10 TP to be released for those two Lumias anytime soon. I'm not complaining coz there's a special explanation for that as those two Lumias were the first Windows 8 phones. And when it was announced late in 2012, I wanted the Lumia 820 as soon as possible. I thought it was the best phone ever made. It still is for me. But that didn't go my way coz I had to wait for months to get it but it was my very first Lumia.
     Ok, back with the hack. And to make the story short, IT WAS NOT WORTH IT.
It's not just way too buggy, it's got countless PROBLEMS on it. I will just list one here that is a major headache for me: the blazing fast Microsoft Camera from 8.1 is totally gone on Win10 and replaced by that oh-so-slow Lumia Camera, whatever is that abomination is. And one more thing, probably a preference of mine and would not affect others at all, the dialer is just way too small now for my huge hands. That's just two problems for me and there are, like, 20 other more I can bore you more with but I'm not gonna rant much for now as it is a preview and also, just a hack.
     Of course, there are also awesome things on Win10. Just that those were just bulldozed over by the bugs and problems it has and it will have for the coming months.
     Although, I would leave my almost-busted spare yellow 820 with that Win10 TP hack coz I got other Lumias anyway. Too bad the 625 and the 1320 I have aren't supported yet with the Win10 TP. And it's easy to roll back any Lumias with Win10 TP anyway, hacked or not, with the reliable Lumia Software Recovery Tool.
     To end, it's really fun to have a Win10 device at hand, too, of course. So if you got a spare Lumia that you can put Win10 on it, go ahead and do it. I really advice NOT to put it on your main Lumia, though.
     And on a final note, I would most probably end up using 8.1 Denim on my main Lumia, probably forever, and will not update it to Win10. As I've seen and tested, the 8.1 Denim is the best for me and Win10 is just....I'm not gonna say the word. It's just that bad.

Screenshots from my hacked Lumia 820 with Win10 TP:

So, have you installed Windows 10 for phone.?? Did you like it ? Or, are their any bugs you want ironed out. Tell us in the comments below.

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