Microsoft hints that Windows 10 for phone may come this week along with new demo video

Exactly two weeks ago, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore took to Twitter to announce that a video showing features of Windows 10for phone is forthcoming in one to two weeks. Currently, Microsoft's videos on Windows 10 have been focused on the desktop and tablet form factors, with phone only getting a sneak peek during their Redmond event. In fact, media were unable to video any hands-on with Windows 10 phones, only photos.
Now, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul, who is heading the Windows Insider program, has responded on Twitter that the Windows Phone video is due this week. Even better, when responding to some criticism about the release of the Technical Preview for phones, Aul responded with a more imminent release.

Such planning, of course, makes sense. Microsoft and consumers would be best served by releasing the demo video and the build availability at the same time. The fact that Aul suggested that this could happen all this week though is the tantalizing part.
For now, we will just have to continue to wait and see. Windows 10 for phone, like the desktop version, still has a long way to go until it is RTM. Microsoft will likely release this public beta when it feels the OS is stable enough for consumer testing. How good or bad that is in terms of user experience remains to be seen. Needless to say, the Operating Systems Group (OSG) has a lot riding on this going smoothly, so let's give them some space to get it right.

Source: Gabriel Aul

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