Experience With Windows Phone.

Windows, the most used operating system in the desktop and laptop world wild.
Microsoft again started their journey into the smartphone world with their
Revolutionary Windows Phone 7 OS in the year of 2010.

For a long time, the biggest decision to make when weighing up a new smartphone
Has been whether to go for iOS or Android with BlackBerry retreating back to
The services and keyboard-toting handsets while few users have taken the time
To look beyond what Apple and Google gives and headed for windows phone.

While with WP 8.1 Cyan ad Denim bringing some significant extra functionality to
The table, Microsoft's app store growing in scope and quality, and with
Microsoft technology still producing top-notch hardware, the time is right to

Upgrade to Windows phone.

1  Sexiest look.

The slim design and handy fit devices do looks sexy. Not only high end devices
Like Lumia 830, 930, 1020 but also the low end devices like 520,525,630 also look
Way too good in design. The smart curve or the edge in the hands they do look

2  Not just the outside but also the inside.

Windows phone not only looks sexy from outside, they are also the same good
Looking inside. Windows Phone 8 so live tiles and with Denim, the live folder
Tile. IOS has its icons and folders, Android has its widgets, but Windows
Phone's live tiles beat them both in terms of flexibility and customization

While other platforms use static icons or widgets, Windows Phone’s live
Tiles allow applications to display mass amounts of information, without
Putting stress on the phone’s battery life.

3  Personal Assistant

Your own personal assistant that lives inside your phone. Now that MS
Has proved that Cortana is better than Siri and Google now it is amazing
Experience. Cortana can do lots of more work in a better way than Siri and Google
Now including reminding things on the way and entertaining you. Cortana can do a
Whole lot of work including replying to your Text or simply ordering a pizza
From Dominozzz...

4  Camera

The unbeatable Carl Zeiss Lens gives a very unique experience of
Photography. With the Lumia camera can take the pic of your desire in the way
You want with customization.

5  Latest OS

With February upon us, it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft releases its Windows 10 preview for smartphones.With the release of windows 10 MS is going to make the Sync between different MS devices way too easy.The Next Chapter describes windows 10 has the most amazing features.

That's it Folks..See You Around

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