[Rumor] Microsoft creates software to turn any Android smartphone on a Windows

Microsoft’s plan with the Xiaomi is to run Windows 10 on their existing smartphones, but apparently this same plan goes far beyond this partnership with Chinese Apple. 
They actually want to create a type of ROM (or something) for Android that will make the device runs Windows 10. 

It would be something similar to what the Cyanogen currently offers to the Google system. 

 We can understand that, in simple words, this software transform any smartphone with Android on a smartphone with Windows 10.
It is a simply fantastic strategy if really is confirmed. Neither Xiaomi very least Microsoft commented on this suspicion, but we know that Beta users will be testing the Windows 10 Xiaomi MI4 in the coming weeks and then perhaps we will know how to install Win10. 

Just imagine if this “Trojan Horse” contaminate thousands of Androids in the outside world.The contents of maket share would go crazy. Was this the real reason why Microsoft is investing in Cyanogen? The plan is to kill Android from the inside out? Offering alternatives like CyanogenMod, which will be a real OpenSource soon, or Windows 10?

If it is, Windows 10 may be the most lethal virus that green little robot has ever faced.
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