Microsoft Launches MS-DOS Mobile...And It's So Cool

As part of yesterday's April Fool's prank, the software giant has genuinely launched an MS-DOS mobile app for Windows Phone. It’s one of the more elaborate efforts we’ll likely witness on the most irritating and trivial day of the year.Just like the real MS-DOS, you navigate around by typing in DIR to list available apps and using the CD command to enter into directories.If you manage to navigate to the programs folder there’s a camera.exe app that will let you take an ASCII or CGA selfie. There’s even a Rock Paper Scissors game. It’s all incredibly nerdy, which is probably why we love it. Just type WIN at any point and sit back and marvel at Windows 3.1.

 Fun commands:

  • COLOR: alter the MS-DOS appearance with a variety of colors
  • DATE: display the date in case you forgot it’s April Fools’ Day
  • VER: shows the current MS-DOS version
  • FORMAT: use format c: and Cortana will save the day
  • WIN: launch Windows 3.1
  • A: type A: to try and access a floppy disk
  • HELP: discover all the commands.
  • Applications : Launch Camera.exe/Contacts.exe etc.
Download the app from here

So, are you having fun with the app? Taken some ASCI pictures?? Let us know in the comments below.

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