How to send .XAP file to windows phone via Bluetooth

Your friend have a .xap/.appx of any game which you need, but when you send that to your device via bluetooth it dont shows-up in your file manager?
You have to remove your memory card every time to transfer that .xap to your phone?

Dont worry then i have awesome solution for you.


  1. Windows phone,
  2. Another Device which have bluetooth,
  3. .Xap of your app/game,(You can download from
  4. File manager. (I use Files)
XAP is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Microsoft's Windows Phone 7/8 operating system, and is the file format for Silverlight applications. Beginning with Windows Phone 8.1, XAP will be replaced by APPX as the file format used to install apps on the Windows Phone platform, a move which was done by Microsoft in order to unify the app development platforms for Windows Store apps and Windows Phone apps.
The Windows Phone Marketplace allows users to download XAP files to an SD Card and install them manually.

Steps to send .xap to your windows phone:
*In Another Device:(I use android)
  • Download .xap in your another device from
  • Locate it in file manager.(Download folder of the .xap)
  • Rename it from .xap to .xap.jpg (check screenshot below)
Android Device
Now After doing above steps properly, Send that Renamed .xap.jpg to your windows phone.
*In your windows phone:(i have lumia 630)
  • Open your file manager,(i use Files)
  • Locate for SDcard/Pictures/saved pictures/ (this can be also Phone/Pictures/saved pictures/    Depends on your storage sense settings)
  • Find the file with extension .xap.jpg (check screenshot below)
  • Now again rename your .xap.jpg to .xap
  • Move that file from SDcard/Pictures/saved pictures/ to SDcard/
Windows phone

Now reboot your windows phone to install it from store.

Thanks for reading.

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