Windows phone is the MOST SECURE mobile operating system!

Another great reason to grab a Lumia.

Security industry experts say that Microsoft's OS offering is best when it comes mobile devices,  it is also most PRIVATE OS i.e. Windows phone topples IOS, OSX and the Popular Android much behind in privacy issues.

During the AusCERT security conference, Eugene Kaspersky, the founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab stated that the Windows phone has always beaten Android, OS X and iOS (reference: TechTimes.) Kaspersky researchers analyse many lakhs of different types of malware daily so this really makes sense..

IN CASE of android and IOS reports about new hacks and bugs comes almost daily, according to Kaspersky because criminals are more desperate to attack Apple systems, iPhones are more vunerable now than before. and Android is open to “millions of brutal attacks” and is, quite frankly, “not safe.”

Also, lots of privacy issues like apps stealing contacts and personal data are haunting ANDROID  since a long time.
By so tightly bounding OS, MS  did a great job in successfully overcoming privacy issues AND EARNED the tag UNHACKABLE for windows phone...

we hope you keep loving windows phone OS, W10 is now coming to us with great new features and so more awesomeness of Cortana!
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