How to Download MoliPlayer for Free!

This guide will show you how to download MoliPlayer for Free!

 MoliPlayer is the one of the most popular video player app which supports a wide subset of video formats including .mkv, .webm, .mp4, etc.

 Follow the steps along to get MoliPlayer for Free!

What you will need?

  •  Windows Phone with Windows Phone 8 or above installed.
  •  A working internet connection
Thats all you need then, you are ready to go!


Change your Windows Phone region to "China" by going to Settings-->region->Select 'China' from drop down list

Restart the phone.

Now go to Store & Find 'MoliPlayer' NOT 'MoliPlayer Pro' & Download & Install it.

Open 'MoliPlayer' from the app. You will see an 'unfamiliar' screen in Chinese, not to worry, just click the bottom link to display in English.


Just click it every time you open new 'MoliPlayer' to view it English, you will miss some of the functionality availability in MoliPlayer  Pro but its FREE!

****Make sure to change region back to default****

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