Trick To Upgrade Your Windows Phone To Windows 10

 Details steps
Open http://­upwp10.chinacloudapp.­cn:7777/ in IE on your phone
 1.Tap 'Open', then 'Install'
 2.Open Wifi Settings
 3.Tap Wifi network you connected
4.Turn on Proxy
 5.Server: upwp10.chinacloudapp­.cn
  6.Port: 7777, and save
 7.Open Windows Insider
8.Tap 'Get preview builds'
9.Two or three options will show up (1st time you use this method, you'll get only 2 options. Otherwise, you will see 'Restore' additional)
 10.Long-press Back key, back to Wifi settings, turn off proxy, then back to Windows Insider
11.Tap 'Insider Fast', then tap 'Accept' (Ignore any Chinese text you see)
12.You will get update
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  1. I can'd open the link code. There is a message! We're having trouble displaying this page... Always

  2. Can't open pks reupload

  3. Is windows 10 supportable for Nokia Lumia 930

  4. Download the insider app and check whether they give you or not