All That Happened At Microsoft Event - A Summary Of Awesome Things - 4

A Summary Of Awesome Things : WP UI & Other Attractive Features

User Interface:
As the live tile functionality is always appreciated. In this OS too Microsoft had done a great job in making live tiles more interactive and simply cool. This time you can add a complete background as it was not present in earlier 8 & 8.1. We do get more optional size for the live tiles. The live tiles are Translucent now, as it was not there in 8 and 8.1(transparent tile). Simply, we can say that now UI is pretty cool and fluid.

In the looks department Windows 10 is very much attractive than 8.1 or8

Notification+ Action Center:

Here, Microsoft didn't do any major changes. Only the toggles are increased which was simply not there in 8 and 8.1. In 8.1, Microsoft had introduced action center in which we add only 5 (max) toggles which was a lil bit annoying. But this limitation ended in windows 10.

This is the all-new Action Center. Afterward, Notification Functionality has been improved a lot like now we have an interesting and a missing feature in windows phone i.e. "Pop-up Notification". Where you can reply the message without entering the app.


Keyboard of MS is from the beginning very responsive any easy-to-type. In the 8.1, it got swipe functionality as well as word prediction. But, in windows10 it gets "Cortana's" support to work even more better than any other platform's keyboards.

Well this is the new keyboard. It also got an awesome feature that is "sweep to displace". In which you can displace it from bottom to top or bottom or anywhere you want which is very much new concept for the OS.

Here as you can see it has been bumped up to slight right towards top. It is now possible in windows 10.


The UI of settings has now completely changed. Neon luminated iconic effect of settings' icon is pretty cool.

Settings' icon is now more organised. Looks pretty much awesome

Call+ Messaging:

Phone's live tile too got a new interactive tile which we have shown in the first pic f UI section. Some new features are added.

Here as you can see the UI had changed and got a new illuminated display with simplified icons. Really appreciate this.

Messaging app got a new and awesome material design.

Messaging app had also git "Skype integration" which new in this OS. Microsoft had given their best to make it the world's best UI.

Here, its both phone and messaging app submeration.
"Skype- Integration"

App tray:

Not a massive change. A lil bit gets organised now.

CORTANA -the virtual assistant has got a massive change:

Here, Cortana has been massively improved and becomes more handy by the intro of "Hey Cortana". It is a handy feature in which we will just have to say "Hey Cortana", and command her , She will obey.

As it is shown, the UI had been improved a lot and now has a good material design. Command system has been improved alot. And it has got more perfection in prediction.

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  1. Well my little brother, the explanation you have given regarding new Windows 10 is satisfactory but I had one question or say a statement to say in relation to your view of keyboard features i.e. Sweep to displace which you said that it is new in OS that it can be moved anywhere you want, say top, bottom right etc. But this feature is new in Windows OS only or in every OS, I mean to say is that also new for Android OS....

    Overall you had given nice review....
    Good work keep it up, feeling proud to be your brother....
    Love you.....

  2. Yes it is bcoz floating keyboard concept is pretty new for all OS. Still not present officially in any OS